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About Us

La Tortilla Oven, LLC is a small minority owned business in the State of California and is the registered owner of Patent # 7,322,748 (RE42311) Insulated Food Container. We pride ourselves on delivering the best fabric insulated tortilla warmers on the market, designed to keep tortillas fresh and warm for over one hour. 

Thanks to our partnership with Mexico under NAFTA, our tortilla warmers are assembled with skilled craftsmanship in our Nogales, Mexico factory, using only the finest American made materials, acquired from all over the United States.  Our broadcloth linens are made with premium polyester materials and surround a food-grade insulated film.  Once assembled, our tortilla warmers are distributed to you directly from our Nogales, Arizona distribution center.

La Tortilla Oven, LLC is committed to our associates, our customers, and our community. We manufacture and distribute the highest quality tortilla warmer available in the marketplace. All our products are designed for ease-of-use and safety, and come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We provide a rewarding work environment and enable our associates the opportunity to reach their full potential through training and advancement, as well as share in the success of the business.

La Tortilla Oven, LLC’s founder and owner, Mark Alvarez, started the company over 11 years ago.  Born and raised in southern California, he has never lost sight of his vision for the company and strives to place an insulated tortilla warmer in every home and business!